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Sustainable Tourism: Making a Difference

by Margaret Cornfield No comments

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Our guest blogger, Margaret Cornfield, tells the story of visiting two homes in Tamnougalt, Morocco. The Cornfields, Open Doors Morocco, and our good friend Mustapha in Tamnougalt managed to provide much needed roofs for two homes in the village. Margaret tells the story best.

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Margaret CornfieldSustainable Tourism: Making a Difference

10 Rules for Climbing Moroccan Kasbahs

by Nancy Lauer 1 comment


kasbahs 10 rules for climbing

Kasbahs are amazing ancient, crumbling buildings that were built for defense in North Africa.  Another word for kasbah is fortress.  Kasbahs were built with high walls, usually without windows.  Ruins are dotted throughout southern Morocco. 

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Nancy Lauer10 Rules for Climbing Moroccan Kasbahs